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At Cengage Learning Asia, we have an experienced team of editors who will provide professional editorial and production advice, and guide you through the publishing process. Our dynamic sales team will promote your book effectively to lecturers and bookstores. In short, we ensure your book reaches its targeted audience, and achieves its fullest commercial potential.

Publish with Us

We are always looking for fresh new ideas on how to improve our current teaching and learning materials and how we can develop new materials to address the continual evolution in each discipline. We welcome your ideas for new textbooks, media projects or fully online learning materials.

Indigenous Publishing

Have an innovative idea? Can’t find a relevant text for your module? Why not develop an original textbook you can use as the core text for your course?

Asian Adaptations

Alternatively, if you have been using one of our U.S. editions for your course, but would like the textbook to suit the Asian context, why not consider adapting the book?

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Obtain a Copy of the Book Proposal Form

A well-developed book proposal articulates how well you know your proposed book’s market, the competition and how your project can offer a better solution. A good book proposal also clarifies your project’s purpose and scope for our reviewers.
Please email us asiapublishing@cengage.com for a copy of our book proposal form. Marketers should not use this email address to advertise their services or products.

*We are not actively seeking proposals for ELT projects. However, if you are keen to explore working with us in a freelance capacity, please contact us at asiapublishing@cengage.com.

Obtain a Copy of the Author Guidelines

These author guidelines can help you better understand the writing process, and how editors and authors work closely together to ensure that products are of high quality, and delivered to lecturers and students on time.
Please email us at asiapublishing@cengage.com for a copy of our author guidelines. Marketers should not use this email address to advertise their services or products.

Publish an eBook

Cengage Learning Asia can deliver your content electronically. Your digital publication can be used on most Android devices and the iPad, or be read on the computer using freeware like Adobe Digital Editions and Internet browsers like FireFox and Chrome.

Our digital publications use the ePub standard which allows reflowable content, and ePub readers to adjust text to suit the different dimensions of devices and tablets. Students will be able to search keywords, jump directly to a page or chapter from the content, bookmark a specific page and make notes, and print hard copies, among other functions.

Digital publications are environmentally friendly, easy to use and students won’t have any excuse about having to carry heavy textbooks to school anymore!

Please email us at asiapublishing@cengage.com to enquire about eBook publishing. Marketers should not use this email address to advertise their services or products.

Custom Solutions

It’s your course, why compromise? Cengage Learning Asia’s Custom Publishing programme is a fast and efficient way to publish your customized teaching materials. Our Custom Creation programme allows you to publish your original reading material, lecture notes and tutorial worksheets as a course book in as little as six weeks while our Custom Reprint programme allows you to select chapters from one to three textbooks, and publish these as a brand new title.

Contact your local Cengage Learning representative for a no-obligation discussion on the choices available, such as content options, technology, pricing, and more. Or complete the below form.

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