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PM eCollectionThe Nelson Primary brand has a strong heritage that has evolved over many years. Nelson Primary is part of the Cengage Learning group, worldwide publishers of print and digital resources for schools, higher education and libraries.

Cengage Learning’s Mission is to be the most respected and innovative source of teaching, learning and research solutions for schools, higher education and library markets worldwide.

Cengage Learning’s Vision is to create instructional solutions that excite, inspire and motivate students and teachers to maximise their potential.

The PM eCollection is a brand new platform that re-images guided and independent reading for the digital age. It comprises three pillars:

The PM eBooks – we have taken the proven strength of our pedagogically sound, carefully levelled PM Collection and digitised the books for use on iPads. The 200 titles in the first release of the PM eCollection are from PM levels 1 to 24

The PM eCollection app – we have designed an eReader specifically for guided and independent reading. The features of our eReader support students using PM eBooks to learn to read

The PM eCollection website - we have created a sophisticated website for teachers and administrators to easily manage students’ guided and independent reading experiences.